I Am Participating in my Destiny: Journal Entry, by Erin A. Alexander, LPC


I really do feel blessed in a lot of ways. Despite the ‘downs’ and occasional disappointments, I can truly say that I am happy overall. Sometimes I can hardly believe that I am saying that, and I have actually felt that way for the past 2-3 years. My life has never been like this before; I have never been able to, for lack of better phrases, appreciate the sadness and pain in life. These things have not diminished my spirits; quite the opposite…all of the negatives have sort of given me a second wind. I love life more and I want to actively participate in my Destiny more, if that makes sense.

I am doing things that I would not have done 5-10 years ago, like becoming less of an introvert in some respects. For example, I love public speaking now, and it was a major fear up until a year ago. I have also expanded my circle of friends to others who would ordinarily be outside of my comfort zone. I’m glad because I have been meeting and enjoying the company of some wonderful people! All of this because I made the decision to step outside of my little comfortable introvert world.

I have learned and mastered the challenging art of forgiveness and letting go. I realized over the years how miserable I was because I was holding grudges and just holding on to things that were not important. It took up so much time and energy that is now free for other activities. My physical health has also improved because I don’t hold on to things…fewer headaches, less muscle tension, etc.

And regarding my health, I feel more healthy now than I ever have in my life. When I say ‘healthy’, I mean as a whole person…the mind, body, and spirit. I have made it a part of my life to keep my whole self healthy.

It took years for me to get to this point in my life. It has been a challenging and eventful journey; I expect that there will be more to come. Since I am equipped with a pretty good resiliency foundation, I think I will be OK. I am going to keep going and taking charge of my Destiny!


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