Valentine’s Day, by Erin A. Alexander, LPC



The first few weeks in February is when there is a gradual period and build-up of excitement in anticipation of that special day in the middle of the month…St. Valentine’s Day. This day was first associated with romantic love back in the Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love was popular. By the 18th century in England, the tradition eventually evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed love by giving gifts of flowers, candy, and cards that are now know as valentines. The symbol typical symbols associated with Valentine’s Day are now Cupids, hearts, doves, and roses; the colors connected with this occasion are pink, white, and red.


How is it celebrated all over the world? In Italy, people people have romantic dinners and exchange gifts. In France, restaurants do roaring trades, and Valentine’s Day is a popular day for marriage proposals. In England, Valentine’s cards are still sent anonymously, which is an old tradition. In Saudi Arabia, the holiday is banned because it encourages immoral relations between unmarried people. In Estonia, it is called Friends Day, so that single people are not left out.


So, now that we have a brief history of Valentine’s Day, how does one have a healthy Valentine’s Day however you choose to celebrate it ?


  • Open communication

  • Forgiveness

  • Good humor

  • Have fun

  • Mutual respect


Have a great one!!




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