Transition to the Holiday Week

Greetings to everyone:

Today is the last day I will be in the office and/or available to respond to any work-related emails/messages. I have clients scheduled from 1pm to 6pm then I am done for the week. My auto-reply will go on early tomorrow morning. (

Please note that our address will change by the time you return for your next appointment. We will be in the same complex, just in building III, suite 200. Phone numbers are the same.

Also note that I can do video counseling. I have been qualified by Breakthrough Behavioral Health so that it is H.I.P.A.A. compliant. Go to their site to schedule an appointment. They handle all of the scheduling and billing with your insurance company.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday! I will reply to messages for the rest of today, then again on Monday. Take care, Erin

Erin A. Alexander, LPC-S

Brighter Future E-Counseling

Mailing/Billing address: 7113 San Pedro Ave. #266, San Antonio, TX 78216

NEW Physical address: 5825 Callaghan Rd. #200 Summit III bldg San Antonio, TX 78228
Phone 210-521-4833 Fax (210)521-8561

My profile: (I can do VIDEO counseling here)


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