Psycho-educational Workshops, Erin A. Alexander, LPC

The primary focus of psycho-educational workshops are to educate about a psychological concept or topic. Psycho educational groups are in all kind of settings including businesses, hospitals, universities and governmental/social services agencies. I have participated in many types and conducted many types. They can be facilitated by mental health professionals, students, members of the community, experts on certain topics, or anyone.
My idea is to have more of them in local eating establishments, as I have already started doing.
  • people can order what they want and there is no cost to the person facilitating the group
  • the environment is casual, relaxed, non-clinical
  • this can help local businesses
  • this is a great way to network in the community
  • the workshops can be free of cost to those who attend
  • those doing internships can use these to count towards academic requirements (hours), just as they would at another location
  • the workshops can be 1-hour (breakfast time, lunch, or the dinner hour)
  • They are open to the public
  • the workshops are general and brief, focus on a single topic, not getting into anyone’s personal issues (not psychotherapy)
What are your thoughts on this?

3 thoughts on “Psycho-educational Workshops, Erin A. Alexander, LPC

  1. These “meetings” or “workshops” sound interesting. I’ll bet people feel like opening up a bit more in such settings.


    • Yes, Clayton a few of the participants even mentioned that they enjoyed the setting because it did allow more of a vulnerable feeling without getting too personal. I also like the idea of having such workshops at eating establishments, like cafes, where people can relax even more, order food, etc., and we have casual conversation about these topics. What are your thoughts on this? Erin

      • I like that idea, Erin. People relax even more so when they “nibble” on something, or enjoy a drink. It’s comforting and reduces anxiety.

        As long as you can maintain some privacy in a public setting like a café of coffee shop, it would seem to be a great meeting place!

        Thanks for the reply, and asking for my opinion. I will always contribute if I feel I can help or encourage someone.

        Better Days…

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