Resources for Understanding Infidelity and Coping with Cheaters

•Relationship Infidelity Article Search – New Feature: Search the sites listed on this page for information about infidelity and cheating.
•American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy – Infidelity resources.
•Marriage Builders – Steps to recover from infidelity.
•WebMD – Article on how to prevent infidelity.
•NetDoctor – Practical advice for coping with an affair.
•Mayo Clinic – Article on mending a marriage after an affair.
• – Basic information and advice on infidelity and cheating.
•E-Closure – Documenting break-ups, anonymously online.
•Love Fraud – How to know when love is a con.
•Berkeley Parents Network – Useful advice on marriage and infidelity.
•Truth, Lies and Romance Blog – One of our partner’s blogs on lying and cheating – includes a list of websites on infidelity.
•Yahoo – Extramarital Affairs – Information about cheating and affairs.
•Yahoo – Emotional Affairs – More resources on cheating and affairs.
•Coping with Infidelity in Marriage – Information on how to deal with the discovery of infidelity and cheating.
•Infidelity and Cheating – Resources for dealing with infidelity.
•Life After Infidelity – Psychology Today article on the topic.
•Ladies Home Journal – Infidelity resources.
•Women and Infidelity – Article on WebMD
•Life Challenges – Article on dealing with infidelity.
•iVillage – Sex, marriage and infidelity.
• – Resources on infidelity.
•eNotAlone – Resources on cheating and infidelity.
•Surviving Infidelity – Forum for dealing with the discovery of infidelity.
• – Resources for surviving infidelity.
•Discovery Health – Article on how to heal from the discovery of infidelity.

Search the sites listed above (and related sites):

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